Athens, Day 4

2006 September 23
by haris

Last day in Greece…

Today the plan was to head out to one of the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf. There were three islands to choose from: Aegina, Poros, and Hydra. We had stopped by a travel agent here to see if we could get ferry tickets but they were too expensive!!! Last night we did a little research online at an internet cafe, and found out that there are two or three very cheap ferries that one could take for those islands. After checking the time table, we decided to go to Aegina as it was the closest to Athens, and we would have the most time to spend on the island.

We took the train from Omonia to the port of Pireas I think it was, and searched for the ferry that we wanted. We barely made it on the ferry, after trying to figure out which port to go to and where to get tickets from! The ferry was quite large, and people were even bringing their cars on.

It was getting cloudy again; seemed like every day there were thunderclouds hovering over our heads. We were hoping that it wouldn’t rain so we could walk around the island a little bit.

After reaching the island, we walked by the port and visited some shops; there was a row of seafood restaurants (“waterfront fish tavernas”) on one side next to the water and we thought we should try some authentic island seafood, so we picked a reasonable looking establishment. We ordered some fried assortment of seafood, some appetizers, etc. The food was quite delicious, and so fresh!

octopus hanging at waterfront seafood restaurant

Of course, there were a lot of boats everywhere:

boats at aegina

Off to one side of the island was the Temple of Aphaia which I wanted to visit, but it had closed 30 minutes or so before we arrived, so I could only see it from far away. We walked by the waterfront along the beach, and not too long after, it started raining… so we took shelter, and having seen most of the waterfront area, decided to hop on the next ferry back to Athens. On a warm sunny day, I’m sure the island would be a totally different experience, but we did enjoy the little time we spent there.

beach at aegina


Back in Athens, we basically relaxed and started packing for our trip back home :( It was certainly a wonderful trip, and had we had more time, we could have visited some more places I wanted to see like Santorini, Delphi, and a few others. Maybe next time…!

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