Athens, Day 1

2006 September 20
by haris

Off to Athens!

We woke up early at the crack of dawn to eat our last Turkish breakfast at the rooftop terrace. I took my last picture of Turkey, of the sun rising over the Bosphorous. The hotel folks arranged a van to drop us off at the airport.


The flight was quite benign, seemed as though as soon as we got airborne, we were back on the ground. We had head the best (or cheapest, at least…) transportation to the city was via the bus, so we hopped on the designated bus. We needed to end up at Syntagma Square, but for some reason part of the road was blocked off so the bus driver had to drop us off a few blocks away. The bus driver told us that we could take the train and the next stop was Syntagma Square. It had also started raining by then, so we stuck around at the bus stop under the shade for a little while, and when the rain seemed to lighten up, I went to search for the train station. We somehow made it to the station without getting too wet, and ended up at Syntagma Square.

We walked over to the hotel which was only a few blocks away, and took a quick nap. In the evening we decided we should visit Lykabettos Hill where you could see a panoramic view of Athens. This was oddly remeniscent of Galata Tower; we had to go uphill and it was getting very tiring! At the foot of the hill, you can take a little train (“funicular”) up to the top.

in the funicular!

We got to the top just in time for the sunset! It was quite amazing, you could see the rolling hills of Athens, and a lot of the historic monuments like the Parthenon. Over to the left side was a view of the Saronic Gulf.

sunset from lykabettos hill

After sunset, we went back to the hotel, and being very tired, grabbed a quick dinner and went to sleep. Tomorrow we visit the historic Acropolis!

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