2010 October 5
by haris

I will be on a short hiatus for the next month – stay tuned for some fun updates after I come back!

Myra Khan Design Catalog Shoot @ Carriage House Studio

2010 August 31
by haris

Well, finally sort of settled in Baltimore!

My first shoot here was for an aspiring designer/entrepreneur who needed a catalog shoot for her initial collection. Off to DC I went, and here are the results!

Since I couldn’t decide which photos to include and exclude, I decided to post one photo of each outfit :)
























Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, since I like portraits, here are portraits of the models:

Brittany Athey:


Elizabeth Parker:


Crystal Sinclaire:


Ok another one of Crystal I really liked:


Farha Zaheer:


Protected: E’s Fourth of July in Boston

2010 July 11
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by haris

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Fourth Of July in Boston

2010 July 11
by haris

It was just a few days until our move to Baltimore… but we did get to celebrate Independence Day in Boston!

M, E, and I decided to walk around downtown first, then head on over to the Prudential Center, where a friend of ours works – she invited us to watch fireworks from the 25th floor (thanks N!).

We first started out in the vicinity of Faneuil Hall.

I thought the zig-zag pattern of the rooftop of the North Building was neat, with the Custom House tower in the background:

We then made a full circle, spending some time near the Aquarium and Harbor, where E splashed around in a water fountain (pics in later post), and came back to Faneuil Hall. Then, walking towards the Old State House, I spotted some interesting sculptures on the Board of Trade Building:

On to the Old State House:

Here I liked the zig-zag patterns of the rooftop windows again:

How about another zig-zag of the Old State House:

Walking towards Downtown Crossing, here is Filene’s Building:

We then took a leisurely walk through Boston Commons, towards Copley Square. Our destination? Prudential Center. Here it is behind the Boston Public Library.

E played a little in Copley Square, checking out things like this sculpture of the Hare and the Tortoise (I think the Tortoise is winning):

The sun was setting and the sky was turning quite spectacular, and the clouds were just perfect in being a canvas for the golden glow. Here are pics of the Old South Church during sunset:

And now, onto the highlight of the night! We made it to the Prudential Center and had a quick dinner, then met up with our friend who took us to the 25th floor. We had an exceptional view of the fireworks! There was a ledge along the window, so I just rested the camera on it instead of setting up the tripod, and snapped a bunch of pics:

What a great way to celebrate America’s Birthday!

M + N’s Baby Shower!

2010 June 30
by haris

Our dear friends M + N had their baby shower this past weekend!

Hanging out with good people, eating some incredible food, watching people play baby shower games (oh and watching the World Cup on TV!) = life is good.

A few random pics of the inanimate below; a whole slew of pictures are available in the Albums section.