Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC

2011 April 2
by haris

Last Sunday we decided, sort of at the last minute, to trek over to DC to check out the cherry blossoms, ’cause the weather hasn’t been that great lately and we didn’t know if they would last. Since it was still a little chilly, it wasn’t super crowded, and thankfully it stayed sunny all the while we were there!

Looks like I ended up taking pics of mainly the Jefferson Monument and the Washington Monument, trying to frame them with the cherry blossoms in many different ways. Blue sky + beautiful cherry blossoms + iconic landmarks = awesome!

Corner of Jefferson Monument:

Washington Monument:

Inside the Jefferson Monument:

Jefferson Monument again:

Washington Monument, distant view through Cherry Blossom Trees:

Cherry Blossoms:

I know the horizon looks crooked here but that’s because I’m not perpendicular to the waterbank:

Walking over a bridge towards the waterfront:

Tried a little starburst effect by shooting into the sun:

Blue sky through Blossoms:

More of Washington Monument:


Back to Jefferson Monument:


Panorama (ok not real panorama but cropped):


(all images copyright haris sair 2011)

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  1. SLC permalink
    April 3, 2011

    Hari! haven’t visited in awhile but you just keep getting more talented. How do you make the sky so cloudless and the top of the sky so deep blue? is there a gradient neutral density filter? Like the st paddy’s day human interest photos. Miss Maryland is so pretty! Makes us mere mortals seem just that.

  2. haris permalink*
    April 25, 2011

    aww thanks slc! The cloudless sky was nature’s doing. I actually like to have clouds ’cause it adds an interesting element, you know?. The blue sky is courtesy of a naturally clear day plus the help of a polarizing filter :)

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