K & O’s wedding

2009 August 2
by haris

*photos taken 7/2/09 and 7/3/09; portions of this are duplicated in another post from today which also has some family pictures.

We all drove down to NY to attend a wedding of Maryam’s cousin. Wow, what a wedding it was! Truly beautiful, down to the last details. They had THREE photographers! Of course I had to take a few pics while at the same time trying not to be in their way :)

The man of the day at the barat:

O at barat

Then we went inside to have some “appetizers.” I put appetizers in quotes because well, to be honest I could have had a whole meal right then and there. There were sooooo many appetizers, and they kept on coming. There was nothing that wasn’t there that could have been there. (quote from Maryam).

At any rate, took some photos both inside and outdoors after I totally stuffed myself with mostly sushi:)

Then we all went inside the main hall, for the shadi ceremonies. There was this girl playing the flute, really beautiful music:

playing the flute at the shadi

I didn’t venture too far from my seat because every few minutes E would start crying :( but did manage to get some photos of the couple:

K&O shadi

K&O shadi 2

the dood (or “dude”) pilai:

K&O shadi dude pilai

all through this, despite being totally stuffed, we still had dinner haha.

And I don’t know if I’ll ever forget the dessert…. there was a WHOLE ‘NOTHER SECTION of the hall JUST for dessert. ANYTHING you could ask for was there. Popcorn machine, fresh crepe, COTTON CANDY, ice cream, cake, etc etc etc.

Then onto some dancing!

K&O shadi dancing 1

K&O shadi dancing 2

K&O shadi dancing 3

K&O shadi dancing 4

K&O shadi dancing 5

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