The Wedding Part VI: Walima

2007 December 10
by haris

We had a day off to rest between the Shadi and Walima, and to head back to Faisalabad back home. Remember the ride through the countryside a few days ago from Faisalabad to Multan? Well this return trip was 10 times as eventful, exacerbated by having to travel in the dark… large trucks carrying sugarcanes blocking three quarters of the road… but yes we did make it back safely thank goodness.

The Walima was at this really cute hotel called Serena hotel. A few of us hung out in the room getting ready and stuff, and the photographers took some pictures of Rabia in her pink Walima outfit.

Getting ready:

Again, having to travel light, I didn’t have all the lighting stuff I really wanted, but I made do with the small external flash (420ex)… A softbox or umbrella would have been awesome, but luckily Muneeb and Rabia had a photoshoot at a studio earlier, with real equipment, and they did do a really nice job.

I did do the old bounce-flash-off-wall thing for a few shots:

But I was mostly at the mercy of the videographer’s light, not wanting to mess up the hired photographer’s pictures by my flash… unfortunately he turned it off just when I was taking the following pic which is blurred, but I tried to salvage it by duo-toning and making it look a little old school. Whether it works or not, I don’t know, but I do like the aura.

The stage was simpler than the one in the wedding, but still very nicely decorated.

Out in the hall, the groom’s side of the family had rose garlands to give to the bride’s side of the family as they entered. Haseeb decided to give one to little Eshal :)

Maryam wore a saree with gold and silver trimmings (and I wore a matching white tie!)

There was more money giving to the newlyweds, more hugging, and more well wishing by all.

Then there was something I hadn’t seen before, some tradition where the groom’s younger brother sits on the bride until he receives some cash (I guess a retaliation for the juta chupai/dood pilai?), so there was Haseeb on Rabia…

Of course, in between, was some incredible food in the lawn. There were so many desserts that looked so yummy, but I didn’t have too much because I wasn’t that hungry, and I was super hot and dehydrated because they kept the place really warm.

Afterwards, we all headed back, so tired, but so happy as well. The whole week had been absolutely incredible, even magical at times, and everyone was so kind and loving, these are truly two great families coming together.

Best wishes to Muneeb and Rabia, thanks for all the great memories!

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